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Training and Workshops

At Garner Behavior Services, we believe that education and support are essential in providing the best care for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. That’s why we offer a range of training and workshops designed to help our interns gain practical experience and develop their skills in working with children on the spectrum.

Our highly experienced team of professionals provides comprehensive training covering various aspects of behavior analysis, including assessment, treatment planning, data collection, and intervention strategies. Our interns will have the opportunity to work alongside our clinicians during therapy sessions as well as participate in regular supervision meetings.

In addition to training opportunities, GBS also offers parent supports and resources. We understand that caring for a child with autism can be challenging at times; therefore, we provide guidance and resources to parents seeking support or information about navigating through different stages of development.

We also provide a local resource guide upon request which includes contact information for other organizations that may be able to assist families in need.

Trainings and workshops are often held on site at our facilities located conveniently within the community. Please watch our Facebook page for updates regarding upcoming events or trainings scheduled throughout the year!

Enrollment Process for ABA Services


a psychological evaluation for an autism diagnosis with a qualified provider.

GBS does not conduct diagnostic testing, but we can provide you a list of evaluators who do.


GBS online intake form.

Upon completion of this form, someone from our office will contact you and email you a referral packet with additional instructions.


a completed, signed written order. A sample will be in the referral packet.

Once all materials are submitted, you may schedule a tour of the closest facility and your child has officially joined the wait list for services.