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Telehealth Program

GBS Telehealth Program

To alleviate long wait lists and improve caregiver behavior management skills and confidence, GBS is offering a Telehealth Program. The GBS Telehealth Program is an intensive home program with caregiver involvement. Children ages 2-5 with autism and their caregivers who live within 45 miles of one of our centers are eligible for the GBS Telehealth program. Caregivers/parents will agree to:

  • Implement 10 hours of intervention per week with their child
  • Watch 5-60 minutes of instructional video per week
  • Meet with a consultant for 1-2 hrs per week
  • Complete assigned homework
  • Prepare materials
  • Collect behavioral data
  • Collect recordings as assigned

If you would be interested in this option instead of waiting for a seat at the center, you will be provided with a telehealth technology package. The telehealth program would continue until a seat opens at the center for your child, or if this level of therapy is resulting in significant progress for your child, you may choose to remain in the telehealth program.

Technology package will be returned to GBS upon entering the center, as the package will be your child’s for digital data collection at the center.

The telehealth program provides quicker services, quicker enrollment, less time on wait list, and intensive parent guidance. This is a new program starting in 2024! Don’t wait, start today!

Enrollment Process for ABA Services


a psychological evaluation for an autism diagnosis with a qualified provider.

GBS does not conduct diagnostic testing, but we can provide you a list of evaluators who do.


GBS online intake form.

Upon completion of this form, someone from our office will contact you and email you a referral packet with additional instructions.


a completed, signed written order. A sample will be in the referral packet.

Once all materials are submitted, you may schedule a tour of the closest facility and your child has officially joined the wait list for services.