GBS, LLC: Therapy Center Programs

Therapy Center: Accepting new clients ages 2-6 for fall 2019 (summer session is closed)

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Preschool: Enrolling for school year 2019-20

***IEP Advocacy Team***:  Accepting parent applications for school year 2019-20 (new service for 2019)

GBS Therapy Center for Autism

and Behavior Management

·      Effective     

·      Intensive

·      Data Driven

·      Fun

·      Interactive

·      Child Focused

·      Individualized

·      Research Supported


Intensive instruction well balanced with play and physical activity in a fun, loving environment completely focused on helping your child grow and flourish.

Highly qualified, highly trained staff

  • Registered Behavior Technicians

  • Behavior Technicians

  • Certified Teachers

  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts

  • Licensed Behavior Specialists

  • Autism Specialists

 Instruction is based on researched teaching techniques (Applied Behavior Analysis), assessment, working from student strengths, building skills, making learning fun, and data based decisions.

GBS offers several programs at our Montoursville location including

  1. Intensive 1:1 Therapy Program covered by most commercial medical insurance (ages 2-6)

  2. Preschool for children with Autism and Developmental Delays (Licensed by the Pa Dept of Education) private pay or alternate funding (ages 2-5)

  3. Generalization of skills at preschool/school and home services for students receiving sessions at therapy center

  4. Additional programs added often, watch our FB page for updates! (Garner Behavior Services, LLC)

GBS Preschool enrolling for school year 2019-20 starting April 1.

Preschool information:

General information:

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Most commercial medical insurance will cover ABA for children with an autism diagnosis in PA under Act 64.

  1. Seek diagnosis early… often there is a very long wait time for diagnostic evaluation. Early intervention is the most effective!
  2. Call your insurance carrier and ask specifically about ABA services for your child, are they covered? This is typically under Behavioral Health.
  3. When you call GBS about providing services, you will need:
    1. Insurance information
    2. Child’s Date of Birth and name
    3. Current Psychological Evaluation with Diagnosis

GBS will work with parents on private pay, daily co-pays and high deductibles (payment plans, discounts, etc)

Funding assistance may be available (not guaranteed) through various sources, such as your local IU or as related service via IEP for different available services as determined by the team and demonstrated by data over an extended period of time.  Discuss with your educational/therapeutic team and case manager.    This is not a quick process, if your child is making progress in their current setting, please maintain them where they are.  Collect data, be involved, and open discussions with your team.