GBS, LLC Autism Therapy and Resource Centers

Therapy and Resource Centers now open in both Lycoming and Union Counties. Accepting clients and hiring for all positions.  

Parents, finding the right therapeutic environment/agency for your child can be difficult. The following form may help you ask questions and make this important, life changing decision. The Savvy Parent ABA Services Questionnaire is for parents seeking ABA services who want to interview various agencies about their services offered, staff, etc. Please feel free to download and use to compare agencies to secure the best services for your child.       The Savvy Parent ABA Services Questionnaire 2020

Not sure if your insurance will cover ABA services? Please download the GBS Billing Verification Form for parents. It will help guide your questions when speaking to your insurance company. You will need to be aware of any co-pays, deductibles, and if your insurance has a $40k cap on ABA services.     Billing Verification notes for parents.  


GBS Therapy and Resource Center

·    Effective

·      Intensive

·      Data Driven

·      Fun

·      Interactive

·      Child Focused

·      Individualized

·      Research Supported

Therapy Center: Accepting new clients ages 2-8

Summer 2020/  School year 2020/2021: GBS continues to follow CDC recommendations with screening at door, temperatures taken by staff and clients prior to entering, disinfecting, hand washing often, etc. 

     Lycoming County Center limited to 6 students.  Please call to request information on available seats in therapy center.

     Union Center: Accepting clients in our new spacious center located in Lewisburg. 

Sessions are held Monday through Thursday, 9am-2pm.  Additional home hrs may be available for generalization if medically necessary. 

ABA Home Based: Ages 8-19   

Home based program for higher functioning children to focus on social skills and communication in the home, up to 10 hrs a week. 

IEP Advocacy Team: School Age Students

Accepting parent applications for school year 2020-21.  Proactive parent training, IEP development assistance, facilitated collaboration for parents and districts.  School age students and students entering school.  Email IEP@GBSAUTISM.COM


Highly qualified, highly trained staff

  • Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT)

  • Behavior Health Technicians (BHT)

  • Certified Teachers

  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA, BCBA-D)

  • Licensed Behavior Specialists (LBS)

  • Autism Specialists

 Instruction is based on researched teaching techniques (Applied Behavior Analysis), assessment, working from student strengths, building skills, making learning fun, and data based decisions.

Fun, Play, Interaction, Relationships = Progress!!


Most commercial medical insurance will cover ABA for children with an autism diagnosis in PA under Act 64. Please download the following form. It has questions to ask your insurance company when you call about eligibility. 

Billing Verification notes for parents

  1. Seek diagnosis early… often there is a very long wait time for diagnostic evaluation. Early intervention is the most effective!

  2. Call your insurance carrier and ask specifically if your child is eligible for applied behavior analysis (ABA) services (use form above to ask questions!)

  3. When you call GBS about providing services, you will need:

    1. Insurance information

    2. Child’s Date of Birth and name

    3. Current Psychological Evaluation with Diagnosis (within 6 months)

GBS will work with parents on private pay, daily co-pays and high deductibles (payment plans)

Funding assistance may be available (not guaranteed) through various sources, such as your local IU, social service agencies, grants, or as related service via IEP for different available services as determined by the team and demonstrated by data over an extended period of time.  Discuss with your educational/therapeutic team and case manager.    This is not a quick process, if your child is making progress in their current setting, please maintain them where they are.  Collect data, be involved, and open discussions with your team.

Parents are the best advocates for their children!


Contact for more information: