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Social Skills Programs

GBS Social Skills Program

Our social skills program is for children ages 6-12 with autism who need a social skills refresher or in need of some lessons to help develop social skills. This 8–12-week program will be held in spring, fall and summer, pending enrollment.

This program will include instructional videos, role play, group activities and games.

Your child will practice a variety of social skills in a fun, exciting environment with peers.

All activities are guided by GBS highly trained technicians. Parents/caregivers are provided homework weekly to generalize skills at home and to build social interactions.

Social skills programs are typically held on weekends during the school year, and from 2:30-4:30 in the summer.

A minimum of 4 students will need to be enrolled for the program to be run each semester. Children entering the social skills program will be required to have basic communication skills to interact with peers, some attending skills for lessons, independently toilet, and will not have any significant behavioral issues such as aggression, SIB, or other behaviors that could be dangerous to peers or interfere with learning.

Enrollment Process for ABA Services


a psychological evaluation for an autism diagnosis with a qualified provider.

GBS does not conduct diagnostic testing, but we can provide you a list of evaluators who do.


GBS online intake form.

Upon completion of this form, someone from our office will contact you and email you a referral packet with additional instructions.


a completed, signed written order. A sample will be in the referral packet.

Once all materials are submitted, you may schedule a tour of the closest facility and your child has officially joined the wait list for services.