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June 2, 2024

Has anyone had a chance to listen to the autism podcasts on

I’ve received a little feedback on mine on ABA…
Rich did tell me he was approaching it from a negative direction and was looking for all the negative comments/issues people had about ABA. We talked for almost 2 hrs, and it was cut down to 1 hr for radio.
Yes, I knew I was walking into a minefield, and there was quite a bit cut out.
Feedback so far is mixed… some are still leaving with a negative attitude towards ABA.
ABA is fun, child-centered, and NOT what it has been in the past!! It is research-based and data-driven. AND effective!!!
No, ABA may not be for all kids, and we recognize that! But it is our job to figure out how a child learns and teach them how they learn so they can develop into independent adults.
No, ABA does not “change” kids. We LOVE their personalities!!!
No, ABA does not “control” kids. (I wish, our job would be so much easier!! Can anyone “control” a 3 yr old? LOL!! NOPE)
We have fun, and help children learn to communicate and socialize, so they can access the world around them. They have choices and focus on learning through play as well as intensive sessions.

If you have any additional questions after listening to the podcast, feel free to ask!!!

I’m not time-limited here!!!

Dr Garner, BCBA-D

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