Meet Our Staff

Our staff ranges from

BCBA-D to Center Assistant

BCBA-D – Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctorate


Dana is a doctorate-level Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a MA in ABA and Ph.D. in Special Education and over 25 years experience working with children with special needs. GBS is the cumulation of years of experience in the field. Throughout her experience, she gathered information on what not to do, as well as information on best practices for children with Autism. Dana created GBS to be a fun yet intensive therapeutic experience for children AND staff. She strives to keep GBS staff as the highest trained, and of the highest quality in Central PA..Under Dr. Garner’s guidance, GBS staff provide effective, innovative and efficient intensive therapy to young children with ASD.  Watching children make progress and parent feedback on generalization of skills at home are two of Dana’s favorite things about the Centers. 

Assistant Administrative Director / RBT

Tabitha is an Assistant Administrative Director and RBT. She has been with GBS since Dec 2019. When not working to enrich the lives of the clients at GBS, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children and tending to their many animals. Tabitha’s favorite thing about working with GBS clients is watching the clients acquire skills.

Assistant Clinical Director / LBS


Barb is a LBT and clinical director, she has been with GBS since 2019. She has 30 years’ of experience with Special Education, She loves to make people happy. Barbs favorite thing to do with kids at GBS is to hear their giggles and witness their growth.

RBT – Registered Behavioral Technicians

Ann, RBT

Ann is an RBT she has been with GBS since 2020. A fun fact about Ann is she has two parakeets named Finley and Albert who chatter and “talk” to her. Anns favorite thing is watching the kid’s faces transform when they grasp a concept and have an “ah-ha” moment. 

Lisa, RBT Lead

Lisa is an RBT and Center Lead, she has been working at GBS since August 2020. Lisa has been working with children with Autism providing a range of services in different settings since 2006.  Lisa has been to 6 countries, she loves to traveling. She enjoys being a part of GBS clients’ progress to achieving their goals, watching how proud they are is the most rewarding feeling.

Megan, RBT Lead

Megan is an RBT and Center Lead, she has worked at GBS since 2019. Megan enjoys playing tennis and being outdoors. She enjoys being able to sit down and play games with the kids.

Chasity, RBT

Chasity recently joined our team and is a student at Bloomsburg. She is an avid dog lover and looks forward to all the little successes our clients make daily!

Hannah, RBT Lead

Hannah is an RBT and Center Lead, she started working at GBS in September 2020. She can read a book in under a day & during the first four months of quarantine, she read 18 total. Her favorite activity to do with the kids is sing along to their favorite songs. She also loves when we read familiar books & the kids can help finish the sentences!

Lindsy, RBT

Lindsy is an RBT, she started working at GBS in 2019. She is a mother of 4 kids, 3 boys and 1 girl, she loves the outdoors, and the beach to spend time with her family. She loves to socialize and play with the GBS kids getting them to interact and putting a smile on their faces.

Sarah, RBT

Sarah is an RBT, she started at GBS in June 2020. She has degrees in interior design and art studio, you can find her at Wine and designs. She loves doing crafts for the GBS kids getting them to smile and have fun.

Alena, RBT

Alena is a BHT, she has been working with GBS since July of 2020. A fun fact about Alena is that she has an identical twin sister, but they never confuse people on purpose because they feel bad! Her favorite thing to do with the kids is read books and play, she loves getting them engaged and seeing the happiness on their faces.

Ashley, RBT

Ashley is a BHT, she has been working with GBS since October of 2020. She loves to play sports such as basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. Her favorite thing to do with the children at GBS is to sing and dance with them.

BHT – Behavioral Technician


Julianna is a BHT she has been with GBS since January of 2021. She had played soccer and softball the majority of her life growing up until the end of high school. Her favorite thing to do with the kids at GBS is to interact with them during play to see their interests and see their smiles.


Carissa is a BHT, she has been working at GBS since December of 2020. A fun fact about Carissa is that she had the life-changing experience of living in Morocco for a year in 2003. She finds it amazing to watch the children learn new skills, and her favorite things to do with them are giving social praise and playing interactive games.

Office Team

Julie, Office Manager

Julie is our Office Manager, she started in July of 2019. Julie is young at heart and will never grow old! She loves to greet the beautiful faces every morning, it makes her day.



Abby is one of our Center Assistants in Lewisburg. She is currently in Cyberschool and is an accomplished songwriter and ukulele player. You may catch her at open mic nite if you are lucky! She has a great time keeping busy at the Center and helping with the children. 


Kate is a Lewisburg Center Assistant. She is also in Cyberschool. Kate loves music, movies, and hanging out with her friends. She enjoys playing with all the kids at the Center


Andrew is our Center Assistant in Lycoming county, He has been with GBS since October 2020. Andrew is also in Cyberschool. He likes playing with the kids or doing some group games with them.