Dr. Dana Garner, BCBA-D, Autism Specialist, Owner/Director GBS

Personal note:

I have learned so much over the years.. I wish I could go back to my younger self and re-teach myself on how to work with children in a gentler, more effective way. But like all sciences, ABA grew and changed over the years. The approach used 30 years ago is not the approach today. Today, at our Centers, we focus on play, high levels of reinforcement, functional communication, interactive social skills, and making sure the children enjoy learning. When I walk through the Centers and see the children run into them in the morning when they arrive, or say “I don’t want to leave!” at the end of the day, or go happily to their learning tables, when I hear them laughing, playing and learning… I know we are doing something right. This is not the ABA of 30 yrs ago, when I didn’t understand fully the power of reinforcement and antecedent manipulations. Today, things are different. The field is different. It is exciting to see the children’s progress daily, weekly, monthly… I’m so proud of these children and our staff. I’m still learning as well.. I’m always trying to be better, so I can do better for our littles with ASD and their families. It has been a wonderful journey, and we have so much further to go!!

Dr. Dana Garner, BCBA-D, LBS, Autism Specialist

owner and director of Garner Behavior Services