Parents and Guardian

To begin the enrollment process parents need to have and submit:

(the following does not guarantee placement at GBS. Final determination will depend on a variety of factors, including but not limited to: staff availability, space availability, your child’s specific needs, the general population of each Center/behaviors, and final admission decision by the Clinical Director. )

1. Use the billing verification form to call your insurance company and ask questions about coverage of ABA therapy for Autism.  It is very important, as it is your responsibility, to understand what your insurance will cover and not cover.

2. GBS will need your child’s most recent psychological evaluation with an autism diagnosis stated. ABA services are only approved for an autism diagnosis.  The evaluation also needs to be clear on how the evaluator assessed the child to determine the diagnosis. Here is a list of area evaluators (not exhaustive)

3. Written Order This form is an IBHS requirement that should be filled out by your child’s diagnosing physician, or any of the approved individuals listed. they would need to fill in areas of need and sign.  

4.  You will also need to submit your child’s insurance card, front and back, as well as provide address, and child’s date of birth. 

5. GBS occasionally will agree to a single case agreement for Medical Assistance/Medicaid, but this is a case by case scenario. Please call 570-435-8180 to be on our MA wait list.

6. All parents/caregivers will agree to and sign our intake/Therapy Services Agreement in order for services to be enacted. Infractions of the agreement will result in remediation or discharge.

When you have all materials prepared, you can either mail them to our secure PO Box (checked weekly) or you may drop off the packet at one of our centers in a sealed envelope 

GBS C/O Dr. GarnerPO BOX 5082 South Williamsport, PA  17702
or you may call 570-435-8180 to schedule a drop off

In Williamsport: 138 Catawissa Avenue

In Lewisburg: 1722 West Market Street, Suite 4

Fax: 570-209-5763

Once these materials are received, we submit to your insurance for initial authorization approval. This can take a few weeks to receive back. When insurance approves this initial auth, GBS staff schedule the intake with you, and conduct initial assessment for treatment plan development.

When the treatment plan is finished, we submit back to insurance with recommended hours for services, and again need to wait for insurance approval. Upon approval, we can begin services!

This process can take a few weeks to over a month, depending on your insurance.

Parents are responsible for copays and deductibles.

** Completion of the above does not guarantee services with GBS. Services may also depend on scheduling, staffing availability, insurance authorization of services, and many other factors.

GBS will work with parents on daily co-pays and high deductibles (payment plans)

Funding assistance may be available (not guaranteed) through various sources, such as your local IU, social service agencies, grants, or as related service via IEP for different available services as determined by the team and demonstrated by data over an extended period of time. Discuss with your educational / therapeutic team and case manager. This is not a quick process, if your child is making progress in their current setting, please maintain them where they are. Collect data, be involved, and open discussions with your team.

Parents are the best advocates for their children!

The Savvy Parent ABA Services Questionnaire is for parents seeking ABA services who want to interview various agencies about their services offered, staff, etc. Please feel free to download and use to compare agencies to secure the best services for your child.      

GBS Billing Verification Form: download this form to interview your insurance carrier to determine if your insurance covers ABA for your child. Most commercial medical insurance will cover ABA for children with an autism diagnosis in PA under Act 64.

  1. Seek diagnosis early… often there is a very long wait time for diagnostic evaluation. Early intervention is the most effective!
  2. Call your insurance carrier and ask specifically if your child is eligible for applied behavior analysis (ABA) services, following the form questions.
  3. When you call GBS about providing services, you will need:
    1. Insurance information
    2. Child’s Date of Birth and name
    3. Current Psychological Evaluation with Diagnosis (within 6 months)

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