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Welcome and thank you for your interest in GBS!!   To apply for a position, please email

GBS Mission Statement:

At GBS, it is our mission to provide a fun, engaging, therapeutic environment for children with autism to thrive, grow and expand their independence in addition to supporting families and providing community outreach programs.

Who Are We?

GBS is an intensive therapy center for young children with Autism.

We approach children with empathy and meet them where they are at;   helping them build skills that will increase independence and functional behaviors across environments. Our day is full of play and interaction to keep young minds active!

This is a job/career for very special individuals, who want to make lifelong, meaningful changes in the lives of children and their families. Progress is often slow, but each step is celebrated. If this is for you, we would be happy to have you on board and part of our family!

Thank you for your interest in working at GBS!

Hiring: BCBA/LBS: Full Time Salary call to discuss. Salary related to experience and billable hours.

Hiring: BHT/RBT: start at $15/hr, RBT $18/hr+

Hiring Behavior Consultant/LBS: $30/hr+

GBS is hiring Behavior Consultants-ABA with autism/aba experience to work with children in our centers, provide parent training, RBT supervision, staff training, FBS, client assessments (VB-MAPP, social skills assessments, etc), development of verbal behavior programs, and other job duties.

Required: Potential Employee has one of the following active Licenses in the state of PA:

· *Psychologist — Professional Counselor — Marriage and Family Therapist — Clinical Social Worker — Social Worker — Behavior Specialist — Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner

AND have one of the following: (required for Behavior Consultant position)


· B) 1 yr full time ABA experience and 12 credits in ABA from accredited college

· C) 1 yr full time ABA experience under supervision of a BCBA and 40 hrs ABA** training

*Licensed Psychologist only (required for Behavior Consultant position)

· 1 yr full time ABA experience and 40 hr ABA training**

** the 40 hr ABA training is the online ABA training required to be an RBT

GBS also requires all BC-ABA employees to maintain RBT certification if they do not have a BCBA, BCaBA or BCBA-D certification

  • Active RBT, BCaBA, or BCBA certification
  • Current clearances and mandated reporter
  • ABA, VB and autism experience highly preferred.
  • Some travel between the two centers may be required.

Applicant may have to fill in as a technician working 1:1 until insurance credentialing is completed and individual is permitted to bill for services, or until individual meets 1 yr experience requirement.

Flexible schedule! Grow with GBS!

GBS Perks:

GBS offers medical health insurance, 401(k) with company match, profit sharing, and center based schedule (on site) with additional home hrs if requested.

Retention and Education Raises for RBT/BC after 6 months in position with GBS

GBS is a small, center based, ABA facility. We stay small and all staff work together. This keeps our quality high, which is very important to us and the parents we serve! We are not just a business, but we are a SERVICE, and that is our focus.

GBS employees are COVID vaccinated, so incoming employees will need to show evidence of COVID vaccine.

Please email or (checked more than indeed) as soon as materials listed in the INDEED ads are gathered/completed, so we can schedule a time for you to come into the Centers for a tour and interview, and hopefully, to schedule a start date!

Dr. Garner, BCBA-D, LBS

For clearances:

                Click on “clearances” then follow the directions provided.

The code you will need for fingerprints is 1KG738

All clearances need to be for “employment”. We cannot accept “volunteer” or any other option.

If you have “RBT” on your resume but did not sit and pass the BACB exam for RBT’s (trademarked!) you will have to revise your resume and resubmit to reflect you have completed the 40-hr ABA training.  (ie, not an RBT).


To learn more about the intensive therapy, please watch the following videos:

Teaching Process
Verbal Operants