Welcome and thank you for your interest in GBS!!  Please be aware, we provide an intensive therapy to young children with Autism Diagnoses. Many of our clients cannot communicate via words, and will therefore use body language or other sounds (yelling, screaming, etc) to communicate how they are feeling.  GBS is NOT a daycare.  GBS  Therapy Center is NOT a preschool.  It is an intensive Therapy Center. Even when the children are “playing” staff are facilitating interaction, social skills, communication, and play skills. It is an active, physical position. You must be able to play, have fun, and be calm in the face of tantrum behaviors.  We manage behavior based on function. We approach children with empathy and meet them where they are at, and help them build skills that will increase independence and functional behaviors across environments.

This is a job/career for very special individuals, who want to make lifelong, meaningful changes in the lives of children and their families. Progress is often slow, but each step is celebrated. If this is for you, we would be happy to have you on board and part of our family!

To start your RBT 40 hr training, please go to the following link, it is free.  Your Competency Assessment will be provided on site by a BCBA-D.  https://autismpartnershipfoundation.org/courses/rbt/

To learn more about the intensive therapy, please watch the following videos:


http://www.eita-pa.org/professional-development/        Start with the Autism in Toddlers training, and go from there.

When you have completed the above trainings, submit resume and cover letter to:


Accepting applications for all the following positions: (above training are recommended for all positions)

Behavior Health Technicians, Registered Behavior Technicians, Behavior Consultants, Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

Employees will need to submit original copies of clearances and official transcript of highest level of education. You may have original back.

Part time positions open in our Lycoming and Union County Center Based programs.

Supervision on-site for RBTs and for independent field experience for individuals working toward BACB certification. (inquire about availability)

BHT Job Description:

Job Responsibilities:

  • Reliability- be on time for your scheduled sessions.
  • Provide direct intervention or support in 1:1 or group settings
  • Implement treatment plan utilizing intensive behavioral interventions
  • Follow prescribed behavior skill acquisition and behavior reduction protocols
  • Record data for behavior protocols and graph data for analysis
  • Utilize safe and appropriate procedures when working with clients
  • Maintain client confidentiality
  • Assist with behavior assessments as needed by LBS/BCBA
  • Collaborate with team and families
  • Report directly to Behavior Consultant or Lead RBT
  • Implementation of treatment plan
  • Maintain paperwork in program book
  • Write daily service notes and weekly update notes
  • Timely submission of materials
  • Maintain client hygiene: change diapers, assist with clean up, change client clothing when necessary
  • Follow the BACB Ethical and Professional Guidelines

Minimum Training and Experience for Behavior Health Technician/RBT:

  • High School Degree
  • 1-2 years’ experience with Autism or professional experience with children
  • Physically able to meet demands of position
    • Able to lift at least 50 pounds
    • Able to move and twist
    • Able to get on floor and quickly stand up
    • Must be able to assume and maintain a variety of postures (kneeling, squatting, crawling, sitting in child size chairs, standing, etc) for extended periods of time
    • Must be able to take feedback from supervisor and implement feedback
  • Must be able to sit on ground for extended periods of time
  • Must be willing and able to block aggression and utilize quick body movements as indicated in the treatment plan
  • Must accept risks when working with children with challenging behaviors
  • Must have reliable transportation, valid driver’s license and communication system (cell phone)
  • Must be able to receive detailed information through oral communication
  • Must have visual acuity to read and comprehend written communication through a variety of modalities.
  • Must have basic English reading skills and basic math skills (addition, figuring out percentages, etc)
  • Provide copies of current CPR, Child Abuse Clearance, FBI Fingerprinting, Criminal Clearance, and copy of degree/transcript, and three professional references.
  • May not have any report or history of ethical issues, legal actions against you, felonies, or misdemeanors

Registered Behavior Technicians:

RBT’s must meet the above requirements in addition to:

  • obtaining RBT certification from the BACB
  • Meeting RBT supervision requirements
  • Maintaining RBT certification (renewing yearly)
  • Being a model staff for BHT and other staff
  • Assisting with assessments, FBA, graphing, staff training and additional responsibilities as assigned by the Behavior Consultant.


Behavior Consultant:

Behavior Consultants will need to maintain RBT status or BCBA status, as well has have a Master’s degree. Please email for additional requirements.