What skills should my 2 yr old have?

At 2 years old, a child is still in the early stages of developing self-help skills, but here are some skills that they might be starting to acquire:

  1. Feeding themselves: A 2-year-old may start to feed themselves using a spoon or fork. They may not be able to use it effectively yet, but they will be trying.
  2. Drinking from a cup: At this age, a child may be transitioning from using a sippy cup to a regular cup.
  3. Dressing themselves: A 2-year-old may begin to show an interest in dressing themselves. They may be able to take off simple clothing items, like a shirt or socks, and put on easy-to-put-on items, like a hat.
  4. Brushing their teeth: A 2-year-old may begin to want to brush their teeth on their own. While they may not be able to do a thorough job, they can begin to practice brushing with adult supervision.
  5. Washing their hands: A 2-year-old may be able to wash their hands with assistance. They may be able to turn the faucet on and off, and apply soap with some help.

Remember that all children develop at their own pace, so some 2-year-olds may have mastered these skills while others are still working on them. It’s important to be patient and provide encouragement as they learn and grow, but a 2-year-old should at least be moving in this direction.

If your child is showing signs of delay, do not wait. Seek out early intervention.

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