What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a scientific and evidence-based approach to understanding and improving behavior. It can be explained to parents as a way of understanding why their child behaves in certain ways and how they can help them change their behavior for the better.

ABA is based on the idea that all behavior is learned and can be changed through the environment. This means that if a child is displaying a behavior that is problematic or problematic, a practitioner can use ABA to figure out what is reinforcing that behavior and then change the reinforcement to encourage more appropriate behaviors.

For example, if a child is having trouble sitting still during class, an ABA practitioner might observe the child’s behavior and identify the things that make the child want to get up and move around (e.g., boredom, hunger). Once the practitioner knows what is reinforcing the problem behavior, they can create a plan to change the reinforcement so that the child is motivated to sit still instead. This might involve giving the child breaks, providing them with food, or finding other ways to make class more engaging.

ABA is a scientific and effective approach to helping children with behavioral problems. It is based on the idea that behavior is learned and can be changed through the environment, and it provides parents with a roadmap for helping their child develop more appropriate behaviors.

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